The PolarPool

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Blog

The PolarPool is the tub that started ColdTub off! The PolarPool is perfect for any team looking to improve their performance and decrease their recovery time between practices. With easy installation and precise temperature control, upgrade your cold water therapy routine with the PolarPool!


The PolarPool is different from all of our other tubs because it is a circle. It is 7’ x 6’ and fits 3 – 5 people comfortably. It is perfect for any team looking to reap the benefits of cold water therapy together after a training session!

Cold Tub the polarpool
coldtub the POLARPOOL



The PolarPool conveniently fits through standard doorways, making installation a breeze! The PolarPool only requires a standard 110-volt plug in! Simply drop the tub where you want it and plug it in!

There’s also no plumbing required! Your ColdTub can be filled with a garden hose and let the tub start to adjust the temperature. It can also be drained with a garden hose. Just like that your ColdTub is now ready for your own personal use whenever you would like. 


The PolarPool has plenty of amazing features that make taking care of your ColdTub and enjoying your ice bath therapy a breeze!

ColdTub pal is an automated salt water system that helps keep your sanitizer levels in check so you don’t have to constantly be measuring different chemicals or draining your tub. Salt water is much better for you than other commonly used sanitizers such as chlorine. Keep maintenance quick and easy with ColdTub Pal!

The PolarPool has precise temperature control so you can set the temperature anywhere between  42℉ to 104℉. This means that you can use your PolarPool for cold water therapy or hot water therapy! You can even get two, place them side by side and take advantage of the benefits from contrast therapy!

Controlling the tub can easily be done with the topside control panel or through the free ColdTubTM app. Connect your tub to the internet and then you’re able to control it on your smartphone from anywhere in the world! Adjust the temperature, turn on light & jets and even see what your sanitizer and pH levels are!

The PolarPool comes with six jets to enhance your cold water therapy experience. The massage from the jets will enhance the benefits of your cold water therapy so make sure you turn them on while you’re soaking!

The PolarPool is also eco-friendly! Traditional ice baths use an average of 30 gallons of water per use. As soon as the quick ice bath is over, that water is sent down the drain.
With the PolarPool, there’s no reason to waste all that water! With the help of ColdTub Pal, you don’t need to be constantly draining and wasting the water in your ColdTub.

With quick and easy maintenance and a simple installation process, it’s easy to see why the PolarPool is perfect for anyone who is looking for a quick and easy alternative to homemade ice baths. Reach out to a ColdTub representative today to start the purchasing process!

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