The Icekube Cart

The Icekube Kart was designed to convert old stainless steel tanks, kiddie pools or garbage cans into cold water therapy units without the use of ice and many man hours of hauling it back and forth. Like all of our cold water products the Icekube Kart provides a safe and easy therapy solution. The Icekube Kart is a self contained pump, filter and chilling unit that can be hooked up to any cold water tank and can maintain water as low as 42º F (5.5º C) without the necessity of filling, draining and cleaning on a daily basis. The Icekube Kart is capable of saving tens of thousands of gallons of water as well as hundreds of man hours each year by keeping your existing tank clean and cold.

Emergency Cooling Device
The Icekube Kart is the perfect unit to use as an emergency cooling device on the side of the field. Simply roll it out onto the field in the morning, fill up your existing tub with water, attach the hoses from the Icekube Kart, set the temperature and you will be ready for the day.



91 kg / 201 LBS

1037 kg / 2287 LBS

Water Capacity

250 Gal / 946 L 


(Length x Width x Height)

119 x 66 x 86

59 x 27 x 39

4 x 2 x 3


Volts: 110

Watts: 1300


Seats: 1

Capacity: 1


Our team are on standby to help you with pricing and to assist you with choosing the right COLDTUB™.

  • Electrical requirement is 110Volt dedicated 15amp circuit for each unit.
  • Filters with 25sq’ water filter that can be replaced while water is in the tub.
  • 1300 Watt heater
*This product may not be available in the UK or EU. Please contact us to discuss your options!
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