COLDTUB™ Offers a Number of Advantages

Optional Therapy Applications

  • Water therapy jets are a standard offering on all COLDTUB™ models – important for hydromassage and reducing the temperature gradient caused by the body heating water near the skin. (except the Icekube)
  • Resistance training system (some models)
  • Counter-current therapy system (some models)
  • Warm water versions available on most models

The COLDTUB™ offers a number of advantages not found in conventional Steel Whirlpools or Ice Baths

1. Precise Temperature Control

The COLDTUB™ can be cooled to 42 degrees with the push of a button! (5.5 C). They can be set and maintained within +/- two degrees F.


2. Fits through a standard doorway. The most portable COLDTUB™ on the market

Totally self contained, fits through a standard doorway, and simply plugs into a normal 110V socket!No separate equipment pack, everything is contained within the tub perimeter. Can be easily transported between sites.


3. 100% Self Cleaning. Eliminates cleaning, disinfecting, filling, and transporting hundreds of pounds of ice.

Combines salt water chlorination, mechanical filtration, antibacterial coating, and built in sanitizer measurement to make it virtually maintenance free and 100% self cleaning. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is totally and immediately neutralized by the ColdTub water treatment system. Oxidation-Reduction-Potential (ORP) of the water can be monitored and digitally displayed. No daily draining!


4. ColdTub Pal automated sanitizing system and water chemistry monitor.


5. MyColdTub.com registration and remote access.


6. The Lowest Maintenance Cooling System Available

With fewer moving parts than other cooling systems, our system requires significantly less maintenance and care.


7. The Only COLDTUB™ with Sound Wave Therapy

Special sound equipment and vibro-acoustic audio tracks deliver therapeutic sound waves for a massaging effect.
Also plays standard audio tracks from any external source; listen to personal music or training-related recordings.


8. Wireless Smart Phone Control

The future is now with free smart phone apps available for your COLDTUB™. Monitor temperatures, adjust filtration settings, download videos or the COLDTUB™ Owner’s Manual right to your phone or other mobile device. Apps are available NOW for iPhone, iPad. Go to iTunes to download and install this FREE app.


9. Every COLDTUB™ is Unique. Use your team logo

You decide the appearance of the exterior cabinet. Any color, team logo, company colors or personal design.

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